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The Sock Thief – Humour post

Ok, I’ve kept quiet long enough – it’s time this scoundrel was found out and shown up for the lowlife that he is.

Over the past year, I have bought many pairs of socks – nice little ankle socks in different colours: peach, red, turquoise,black, orange, you name it. However, on the trip from feet to washing machine,on to the washing line then back in to the house, someone or something has been pinching my socks.

At first I didn’t take any notice, putting each new singleton in to the carrier bag,hoping that one day there would be an emotional reunion, and everyone would be happily paired off.But oh no – each time I tip the pile out on to the bed, I am lucky to find even ONE pair.

Has anyone else been driven nuts at the hand (or foot)of this menace?

The question I have come to dread each morning is “Mum, can I have a pair of socks?”

Do you think it might be a team at work? Perhaps the washing machine joining with some other evil force? It’s nothing to do with my own management skills,as shirts
and other items make the round trip quite safely, thanks.

I thought I should warn people, as I’m sure once my supply
has been exhausted, the sock thief will strike elsewhere.
I now wear odd socks as a matter of course, which is fine in the Winter – I congratulate myself on being a little eccentric – but in the Summer when the mismatched little
fellas are there for all to see, it makes you look a bit mental.

Anyone got any suggestions – maybe some kind of trap I could set?