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The most difficult picture I have ever taken was _______.

Nikon Posted this on my Facebook page and my answer is below:-

Q. The most difficult picture I have ever taken was _______.

A. Homeless people on the street, cannot seem to bring myself to it quite yet, perhaps on b/w film fixed 50mm lens doing it old school – you do not know what you have until you develop the film, the anticipation was sometimes unbearable!!

However I need to give something back to these people in return e.g. food, or something they really need  – not sure how I am going to approach this yet.  However this is a black and white film project and not digital.  Now I need to go and get that film camera, 50mm lens, some film and developing stuff then I can approach this I think from the right perspective following in the foot steps of a friend (Jim Baron) who did amazing street photography with his Leica and a 28mm lens almost all done covertly.  They were amazing 20″ x 16″ prints – he is sadly missed.

A Quick Sample of his work, I found I cannot get the real work I would like to show you, I will tr for more tomorrow as I have to go through 365 online photos one by one and not in a nice neat order as they used to be kept, I will then update this page with some new links to his work and mine for this project we did as a group in 1999 called Countdown 2000.

Jim Baron’s Work

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