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More Rubbish

Since writing my last article on rubbish I went out to the shore line today and found lots and lots of rubbish, plastic, bottles, bags everything, saying that there were crabs there just getting on with their lives, making their homes, eating and carefully avoiding the rubbish left by us humans.

I Caught something - OH a Crisp BAG 🙁
I Caught something - OH a Crisp BAG 🙁

General stuff from the sea front area in Penang :((

Unfortunately this is not just a local problem, Its WORLD WIDE, how can we get away from the unnecessary use of plastic bags in our lives – Yes through Education, but it’s needs a few think tanks to see how we can do it, but it never used to be there, plastic is a relatively new invention compared to the paper bag,

I can see some uses of plastic bags and wrapping, but for example why does a cucumber need a plastic wrap on it? and then potatoes, tomatoes and other fruits do not need this – its unnecessary.

Come on Industry, and think tanks how do we tackle this on a world wide scale then??????

Links to the high resolution photographs these can be found on

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