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Do birds (feathered) like Curry?

mmmm that was the question on my mind yesterday when I went to wards the Esplanade in Penang (just behind little India) and saw a man sorting out some curry sauces, rice etc. I thought he was doing it for himself, but no, he then emptied the remains of a curry rice and vegetables, plus some cooked meat on the ground and left.

I thought odd, but within 20-30 seconds a flock of blackbirds/crows descended on the curry left overs and started to eat,shortly afterwards the pigeons came and tucked in as well.

I was quite amazed at what they were eating, but the way they were eating quite fast and seemed to be enjoying it, so it could not have been that too spicy for them, unless they have built up a tolerance to this kind of food over the years here in the Little India area.

So in conclusion yes the birds in the photos (below) do like curry – Just thought you would like to know.


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