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A snap shot of Sri Lanka life on train Journey

A snapshot of Sri Lanka Life

I have just taken a train from Colombo Port to Mirissa which is around 120 km and take 3-4 hours and cost me in 2nd class just 220 rupees or approx £1.20 what a bargain.

I do not normally do this, but the windows of the train can be opened due to the heat and with my new Nikon 1 camera I thought I would experiment in trying to take photographs from a moving train.

As the countryside sped past me at a leisurely 40 mph did not seem any fast that this, I saw a small piece of Sri Lankan life pass by me. So I just started to take photographs along the way when I saw somethings of interest. Mind you I had to be quick as if I blinked or the camera was turned off I missed the shot. If you ask me where I took them in the train journey I could not tell you exactly, the only determinable ones were when we were at a station and this could be identified, but the rest are random shots and now I feel I am on this big trip around the world. Observing life through a camera, as up till now I have an agenda with festivals and things that I wanted to photograph, that phase has now finished. I am in a new country one that I had never seen before and I hope this small set of photographs will convey a little of what I saw.

There will also be some video of the train trip uploaded as well when I get some good internet connection.

When I started this trip I had in mind these kinds of little snapshot of life, the ones that just pass you by and do not take notice of them. Yes I can get the “postcard” shots, but these have been done thousands of time before and I do not want to repeat this. The world needs new images and perhaps a more casual approach to photography, so that you may capture the soul of a place and not just what everyone else observes during their time here.

Enjoy the photos and video and I will do more of these kind of photos and videos in the future, so watch out for some more snapshots of life from my travels.

Delerect train

Moving the local honey

Playing Cricket by the sea, what else would Sri Lankans do on their time off?

More freight moved by train Just a typical house on the rail side

Family waiting for the next train to whereever

Some road stall by the road and sea

Decorations track side

Recycle bins on the platform

Man with a bike going about his business

Bundle of Rope waiting for pick on the train freight

Platform at a station

Platform at a station

Platform at a station

Just a typical house on the rail side

The Sea Side

A simple crossing at a junction

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